how to use the up-here trimmer

Wash the target area with soap + water to clean the skin and soften the hair, then pat dry. If you’re trimming your nose, give your nostrils a nice blow to clear any gunk out.

Carefully place your trimmer in the target area without force. Once you have placement, turn it on by pushing the power slider up. Slide it back down when you’re done.

To assemble after cleaning, connect the two parts of the Up-Here Trimmer with the blade side up then press the cutters back until you hear a click.

Up-Here Maintenance & Safety

The Up-Here Trimmers in Onyx and Sage colors

We recommend regular maintenance for optimal performance and function, because superior self-grooming is worth a few extra minutes of TLC.
• Dust hair out of your cutter head after each use with your cleaning brush
• Gently clean it with a damp cloth and air-dry
• Brush hair and debris out of the replaceable cutter head slots before putting on a new one

Please note that it’s important to use this nose and ear trimmer as directed for your safety and best results.

• Never plug in the USB cable with wet hands, and make sure to charge away from water
• Do not stretch or bend the USB cable
• Turn off the Up-Here Trimmer before cleaning
• If there is any damage to the unit, do not use
• Store at room temperature with the cap on

The Up-Here Trimmers in Onyx and Sage colors