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EST. 2019

Grooming for below-the-waist.

We went where nobody else would - down there.

Are you ready to join the movement?

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Meet meridian

Too often, men neglect basic “down there” hygiene due to lack of information & the taboo around down-there care. We’re here to help you fight the stigma, and provide your solution with precision-grade products for your most prized possessions.

Why you should shave

Trimming Is Winning

And, we’re waiting for you to join the team. Say goodbye to nicks & tugs and hello to a fresher, cleaner down there.

Trust us, your cojones will thank ya.

Man on towel holding the meridian trimmer

Begin the journey

Protect your most prized possessions

Testimonial rating - Meridian

My GF loves Meridian

"My GF used to complain a lot about how sweaty and smelly I was after a workout. Since I started using the trimmer and spray, she hasn’t once. Feels pretty great, I’ve gotta say."


The Meridian Community

showcase of the meridian spray and trimmerMan shaving the hairs on his arm with the Meridian trimmerMan holding the meridian sprayMan holding the meridian spray after shaving his ballsshowcase of the onyx color of the meridian trimmer

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