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Explore high-quality personal trimmers for all of your grooming hygiene needs

The Trimmer Plus
194 Reviews

Enhanced personal trimmer for a premium trimming experience above and below the belt.

The Trimmer Premium
834 Reviews

Personal hair trimmer with ceramic blades & smooth glide.

The Up-Here Trimmer
51 Reviews

Rechargeable ear and nose hair trimmer.

Grooming Care

The Scrub
18 Reviews

For trim-ready skin, start your routine with The Scrub. Exfoliate and buff for enhanced trimming.

The Pads
20 Reviews

A one-swipe solution to combat ingrown hairs, diminish razor bumps and brighten dark spots!

The Cooler
21 Reviews

Instant soothing mist for down-there care! Ditch razor burn and post-trim itch with just a spritz.

The Spray
182 Reviews

Citrus-infused body spray for superior grooming & hygiene.


A superior grooming routine isn’t complete without the right accessories. From assisting with personal hygiene and grooming to helping you travel smart on vacation, our accessory products will give you that extra boost you’re looking for in your self-care routine. Shop products perfect for sensitive area hair removal, close shave trimming, and personal grooming.

Mystery Box
8 Reviews

Discover the ultimate grooming experience with our mystery product, with total value of up to $20 USD.

The Skins

Customize your grooming game with the first-ever Trimmer Skins.

Trimmer Not Included.
Compatible with The Trimmer Premium & Trimmer Original

Replacement Blade
117 Reviews

Replacement blade for The Trimmer and Trimmer Plus.

Replacement Blade (3-Pack)
7 Reviews

3-Pack Replacement Blade for The Trimmer and The Trimmer Plus

The Spray
182 Reviews

Citrus-infused body spray for superior grooming & hygiene.

Boxer Briefs
21 Reviews

The perfect men's grooming package for your package.

The To-Go Bag
18 Reviews

The best travel bag for superior grooming on the go.

Fogless Shower Mirror
2 Reviews

Check out all your angles and get the perfect trim each time with our Trimmer Plus and premium Fogless Mirror.

The Nail Kit
23 Reviews

Kick gnarly cuticles to the curb with our nail kit.

Up Here Replacement Blade
3 Reviews

Nose hair trimmer head.

Travel Case
42 Reviews

Trimmer travel case for your personal grooming kit.

Gift Bag
1 Reviews

Gift with Style! Embrace the holiday spirit with our NEW $5 reusable gift bag (35 x 38 cm) in signature Meridian print. Available now for your online orders.