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how to use the trimmer

  • Choose a guide comb for your preferred length and slide the comb onto the grooming head.

  • You can trim on wet or dry skin, just make sure to wash the target area with soap + water to clean the skin and soften the hair.

  • Trim with the flat side down and parallel to your skin. Pull skin tight to avoid nicks and cuts.

  • For a close trim, remove the guide comb. If you want a clean shave, use The Trimmer before shaving.

Trimmer Maintenance

We recommend regular maintenance for optimal performance and function, because superior self-grooming is worth a few extra minutes of TLC. Lucky for you, our waterproof Trimmer is easy to clean! You just need to wipe off the exterior with a soft, damp cloth and air-dry. Plus, here’s a few quick tips on how to use your cleaning brush from our in-house grooming experts:

• Dust hair out of your snap-in blade after each use
• Gently brush hair and debris out of the replaceable blade slots before putting on a new blade
• Press down the cutter frame handles in the direction of the arrows and sweep out the hair scraps between the blade niches. To re-assemble, connect the two parts of the Trimmer with the blade side up then press the cutters back until you hear a click.

Trimmer safety

Please note that it’s important to use the Trimmer as directed for your safety and best results. Here’s our cheat sheet on how to do just that:

• Never plug in the USB cable with wet hands
• Do not stretch or bend the USB cable
• Ceramic blades can be fragile, so we recommend replacing your blade every 3 - 4 months
• Do not use broken blades and throw them away immediately
• Turn off the Trimmer before cleaning
• Store at room temperature