How Do You Groom Your Body Hair? Bare, Buzz, or Bush?

How Do You Groom Your Body Hair? Bare, Buzz, or Bush?

When it comes to trimming body hair, there is no right or wrong, it's all a matter of personal choice. Explore the different ways to groom your body hair.


How Do You Groom Your Body Hair? Bare, Buzz, or Bush?


  • Regardless of how other people handle their body hair, the way you go about grooming (or not) is completely up to you
  • Body hair grooming can be fun - express yourself with different shapes or even colors 
  • Trimmers can be used for a variety of body hair looks 

How you groom your body hair is an incredibly personal decision. From blogs dedicated to pubic hair styles to the overwhelming results from searching for how to groom different types of hair, you might say that the world is obsessed with body hair.
However, regardless of how other people handle their body hair, the way you go about grooming (or not) is completely up to you. According to a recent study conducted by Meridian, 83% of Americans claim that they groom their body hair based on their preferences instead of what society states as acceptable, and you should too.

83% of Americans groom their body hair based on their preferences instead of what society states as acceptable.

Whether you're all for or wholly opposed to pubic hair designs, Meridian has the perfect tool for trimming body hair. When it comes to grooming body hair, there is no right or wrong, but it doesn't hurt to have a little bit of guidance.

This article will discuss the many ways to groom body hair, including the buzz, the Brazilian (bare), and the full-on bush! Who knows, by the end, you might have a list of new pubic hairstyles to try out.


What Are Ways To Groom Your Body Hair?

It's crucial to remember that when we're talking about body hair, we're not limiting it to the pubic area. Arms, chests, legs, and backs all grow hair, and how much hair those areas sprout is utterly dependent on the individual. No two bodies are the same, and hair is no exception.

With that said, there are some fantastic suggestions out there for trimming, shaping, and removing body hair for everyone. Let's talk more about it!

Though we firmly believe the Meridian Trimmer (and a few of our coveted accessories) are all you need to shape and style your pubic hair, we fully comprehend that some of you may prefer more long-lasting or permanent options such as laser hair removal or waxing. For the rest, here's what to do if you're wondering how to get a handle on your body hair.

The Pubic Region

Let’s start with how to trim pubic hair for men. Knowing how to groom downstairs is essential to many men, and the good news is it's not that difficult, especially when you have a high-quality tool.

It's up to you how much you want to take off the top. You can slightly trim what you were naturally given, buzz it down to almost nothing, or go completely bare. A good body groomer works best for this area, as it will help protect you from knicks and cuts while providing a shave that's as close as you want.

trimmer meridian

If you want to shave your testicles, the right tools and a steady hand. Make sure to pull skin tight when using trimmers in all areas, especially this one! If you want the smoothest results, try a wet razor and plenty of shaving cream instead.

With only 6% of Americans owning their bush, and 42% using an electric trimmer to groom their pubic hair, you can probably see where we're going with this. Women have been shaving their pubic area long before there was specific terminology for pubic hair grooming, and the internet has lists of women pubic hair styles to prove it.

Many women choose to go completely bare, which can be done via waxing or with a safe, reliable electric trimmer. It's not unheard of to leave a strip or even a design (hello, lightning bolt) somewhere in that area. If you're going for that rare full-bush look, don't shy away from using a pair of eyebrow scissors, as they'll give you the fuller appearance you desire.

There is no right way concerning how to shape bikini hair. Even if you have a full bush, our trimmers can help you shape it how you want.


Should you groom your armpit hair? That’s up to you, but many people do! In the same survey conducted by Meridian, 25% of males and 81% of females groom their armpit. Shaving your armpits can be equally as frustrating as managing leg hair, which is why many women choose to wax them. However, using an electric trimmer on the armpit area can be a great way to quickly groom armpit hair, as well as avoid irritation and regular (and sometimes painful!) trips to the salon. 

Arms and Legs

 Finally, an answer to the question, "should men shave their arms?". We say, yes, they should, but only if the men want to shave their arms! How much body hair you have is totally your call, and if shaving your arms and legs is of interest to you, then you're in the right place because we're going to tell you how to get it done.

25% of males and 81% of females groom their armpit.

Leg hair can be frustrating, especially regarding how quickly it grows back. For those of you who want your leg hair to appear natural, but shorter, use one or two guards on the trimmer. With this method, you'll still have body hair, but it will seem more controlled.If you're a swimmer or prefer zero hair on your arms and legs, go for it!

If you want a closer shave, using an electric trimmer carefully and without a guard can be a good solution. It won’t give as smooth a shave as with a razor, but it is close and substantially reduces the risk of skin irritation. Though it might be tempting, try not to shave with a razor every day, as you'll irritate your skin and follicles and set up the perfect storm for ingrown hairs. 

Chest Hair

Keeping at least some of your chest hair intact is entirely okay. To groom your chest hair, you'll want a good electric trimmer with a guard so you can decide how short you want to go during the shaving process.

Take it slow if this is the first time you've shaved your chest hair. You don't want to buzz it all off and end up in regret. Not that that's ever happened to us.


Beating Back Hair

Some men wear their back hair proudly, while others not so much. If you're one of the others, this part is for you. To get rid of your back hair, you'll want to use the Meridian body trimmer on the lowest setting to achieve a smooth result. You can use a traditional razor and shaving cream, but the results won't last as long.

You might even consider a professional salon wax if your back hair is out of control. Whatever you decide, make sure you have a partner there to help you out!


How To Use Your Meridian Trimmer For Any Hair Style

The Meridian Trimmer is the best tool for anyone and any body area. Our premium trimmers is gentle enough for anyone to use, tackling stubborn hairs with precision and grace. Using the trimmer is straightforward and caring for it is just as simple.


The Technique

Meridian trimmers arrive assembled, so the first step is choosing a guide comb. Then clean the shaving area with soap and water because shaving clean skin is easier and more hygienic. Use your trimmer with the flat side down, parallel to the skin, regardless of which area you're shaving.

You can adjust the guide combs to your preference. At Meridian, we recommend replacing the ceramic blade every two to four months, depending on how often you shave.


Trimmer Maintenance & Charging

Maintaining your Meridian is a breeze, but you should always clean hair scraps from the replaceable and snap-in blades. You can wipe off the exterior with a damp, clean cloth; remember, the Meridian is waterproof!

Use your trimmer with the flat side down, paralell to the skin, regardless of which area you’re shaving.

Your Meridian Trimmer will arrive fully charged so you can use it right out of the box. Charge your trimmer only when necessary. Three lights will come on when it's fully charged and ready for use, so make sure you don't overcharge it. Our trimmer uses a USB charger for your convenience.

We encourage you to check out the "How to Use" page and scroll to the trimmer safety rules that follow. The Meridian Trimmer can pull off any body-grooming hairstyle you have in mind, but you must understand how to use it safely and maintain it to achieve the best results!

Buzz Your Body Hair With The Meridian Trimmer

At Meridian, we're all about inclusivity and unapologetic self-care. We understand that you're short on time, and you deserve high-end products that deliver while remaining affordable.

If you're ready to take your body grooming habits to the next level, or you need a reliable trimmer to keep your bush under control, the Meridian Trimmer is the right tool for you. Our accessories complement our trimmer every step of the way.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you keep your body hair in check.



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