Why Do People Love Meridian?

Feedback from customers is important to us because we want you to have satisfaction in your haircare results. Keep reading to see why people around the world love their results with Meridian.



Average Consumer Rating

4.5 4.5 stars out of 5
  • Love it! It's so gentle and precise. No tugging and I noticed less bumps after. Not noisy either. It's worth it!

    Sarah (United Kingdom)
  • Love this thing. It's so much better than shaving- saves a lot of time in the shower & doesn't leave me with nicks or razor bumps. Highly recommend

    Savannah (United States)
  • Fantastic for bikini line! I don't get any ingrown hairs or uncomfortable razor burn! Already telling my girlfriends about it.

    Syndi (United States)
  • I didn’t think it could be as good as the ads say it is. I was wrong.

    Brian (United States)
  • I had the original trimmer and was looking to replace my blades, but saw Meridian had this new version out (and in a really sleek blue color as well), so thought I'd give it a shot. Oh man, this is a whole 'nother level. Adjustable sliding guard and the new charging dock is super cool as well.

    Dan (United States)
  • For customer experience, had the best so far - for some reason the Portuguese mailing company wasn't delivering the product and Meridian sent via express shipping, no extra cost!

    Felipe (Portugal)
  • I bought it for myself in order to cut the hair on those sensitive areas and I'm impressed so far, it looks clean, looks amazing!

    Wito (Chile)
  • I was sick and tired of cheap trimmers, that required replaceable batteries, and decided to get this one. Best. Decision. Ever. Such a smooth process with no nicks or tugs. The battery lasts a good amount, in between trims. Your lady bits will thank you.

    Mina (United States)