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Are You Ready to Trim Down There?

Say goodbye to smelly, itchy balls and start feeling fresh and confident. Not only will you look better trimmed, but it’s healthier and easier to wash when there’s less hair covering your skin. You cut the rest of your hair, why stop at your waist?


It Can’t Hurt to Try. Literally

Cuts and pulls are a thing of the past thanks to our sensitive-shaver technology. Never fear bleeding or injury again. The waterproof Meridian Trimmer offers 6,000 strokes per minute to effectively and safely maintain your below the belt area.

meridian ball spray


More Guys Do it Before They Do it.

There’s nothing sexier than confidence. A recent study showed that 73% of guys shave down there before intimacy. Go into the night feeling your best. Being well-groomed is a simple way to show you take that extra effort to impress. With Meridian, you will be trimmed, confident, and ready to go at any time.

meridian trimmer


Say Bye to Ball Sweat & Odor

Not only does it look better trimmed, but it’s healthier and easier to wash when there’s less hair covering your skin. In fact, 60% of men shave their prized possessions solely for good hygiene. The Spray brings pH balance to your balls, neutralizing odor and skin irritation. Packed with nourishing natural ingredients, it’s the perfect finishing touch when you’re ready to hang with bae.

meridian ball spray

bundle & save

The Ultimate Package

All Meridian packages come with both the Ball Spray and waterproof Trimmer so you can have everything you need to be date-ready. Boost your grooming game with functional add-ons to get your face, hands, and feet on the same level as your perked-up package.

meridian ultimate package

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