EST. 2019

5 Movie Lines to Use While Trimming Your Balls

Say goodbye to a smelly, itchy down-there. Are you ready to join the movement?

meridian grooming, Apocalypse Now movie line Apocalypse Now

“Forget napalm. Love the smell of your balls in the morning.”

Our pH balanced Ball Spray can fix a bad situation with just a few sprays. It’s formulated to neutralize odor and skin irritation, and makes the perfect final touch in your below-the-belt care. Packed with moringa, witch hazel, green tea, and gingko, spray a few inches away and you’ll avoid a war zone down there.

meridian grooming, James Bond movie line James Bond

“Balls, James Balls.”

Walk tall with the confidence of a secret agent knowing you’re perfectly trimmed and smelling fresh below the waist. Good hygiene is the only weapon you need in our book. Stay ready to impress when you meet your Bond girl.

meridian grooming, Psycho movie line Psycho

“Everyone goes a little mad with ball hair sometimes.”

Avoid a shower scene like Psycho. There won’t be any cuts, pulls or bleeding in your shower when you use Meridian’s waterproof Trimmer. Thanks to our sensitive shaver technology, you don’t have to be scared of nicks and tugs. Plus, the convenience of trimming in the shower makes clean up easier than ever.

meridian grooming, Top Gun movie line Top Gun

“I feel the need…the need for a speedy trimmer.”

6,000 strokes per minute to be exact. The Trimmer offers fast, efficient, and safe trimming for hairs in the most sensitive of places. Some might say it’s quicker than Maverick.

meridian grooming, The God Father movie line The Godfather

“We’re gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

A waterproof trimmer. Two adjustable trimmer attachments. A cleaning brush. A citrus-infused pH balanced ball spray. All in one Complete Package. Oh, and did we mention free global shipping? You live there, we ship there. A deal this good is a crime.

Whatever you say while trimming your ball hairs, say it with Meridian in hand. With The Complete Package, you’ll be feeling like a movie star in no time.