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The Up-Here Trimmer How-To Guide

The Up-Here Trimmer

This lightweight trimmer delivers heavyweight results when it comes to effortless body hair removal in smaller, harder-to-reach places.

The Up-Here Trimmer is waterproof and easily travels to the gym or wherever you roam. At-home body care is easier than ever with this brilliant ear and nose hair trimmer that whisks away hairy stragglers with zero pain or tugging.

We customized this body hair shaver so that you could get a perfect trimming result every time. Our unique cutter head design safely captures hair from all directions without damaging your skin or hair follicles. The Up-Here Trimmer’s built-in light maximizes your trimming precision while getting the job done in record time. There’s no job too small for The Up-Here Trimmer

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The Up-Here Trimmer

How To Use The Up-Here Trimmer

Ready to refine your grooming routine? Let’s tackle those straggly ear and nose hairs, shall we?

  • Assemble the two parts of the Up-Here Trimmer with the blade side up and press the cutters back until you hear a click.
  • We always recommend trimming with clean skin. Wash your face and pat your skin dry to start. We suggest using The Up-Here Trimmer on smaller surface areas, such as the ears, nose, and eyebrow area.
  • When trimming your nose hair, clean out your nostrils by blowing your nose and trim in front of a well-lit mirror.
  • Gently place the Up-Here Trimmer on the areas you want to trim, but never force the trimmer into the ear or nose cavities.
  • Always clean your Up-Here Trimmer after use and place the cap over the trimmer head.
  • Store safely at room temperature.
How To Use The Up-Here Trimmer

Cleaning + Maintaining The Up-Here Trimmer

It’s important to regularly clean your Up-Here Trimmer tooptimize both hygiene and the efficacy of your device.

  • Make sure to turn the trimmer off before cleaning.
  • Clean The Up-Here Trimmer blade with the cleaning brush.
  • Store your trimmer dry and with the cap over thetrimmer head.
Cleaning + Maintaining The Up-Here Trimmer

Charging The Up-Here Trimmer

Charging your trimmer is easy, and the device comes fully charged. Keep your Up-Here Trimmer powered up for optimal performance.

  • Make sure to turn off the trimmer before charging and select the correct voltage (5V).
  • The Up-Here Trimmer is USB powered and can charge via your phone or computer.
  • Allow 8 hours for a full charge that lasts 30 minutes. The red indicator light will come on while the trimmer powers up.
  • Never overcharge your trimmer. Unplug The Up-Here Trimmer from its power source once you achieve a full charge.
Charging The Up-Here Trimmer

Up-Here Trimmer Safety

Please note that it’s important to use The Up-Here Trimmer as directed for safety and best results.

  • Never plug the USB cable in with wet hands.
  • Make sure to never charge the trimmer in or near water.
  • Do not damage, stretch, or bend the charging cable.
  • Never use The Up-Here Trimmer if there is any damage to the unit.
  • Turn your trimmer off before cleaning by pressing the on/off button.
  • Store The Up-Here Trimmer dry and at room temperature.
Up-Here Trimmer Safety

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