Say goodbye to razor burn!

High-quality grooming tools designed for smooth, safe self-grooming with no nicks, tugs, or cuts



Average Consumer Rating

4.5 4.5 stars out of 5
  • Very happy with my purchase. Takes less time to do armpits than with a razor. Also hasn’t snagged or pulled on any skin whatsoever.

    Joshua (United Kingdom)
  • Love it! It's so gentle and precise. No tugging and I noticed less bumps after. Not noisy either. It's worth it!

    Sarah (United Kingdom)
  • Love this thing. It's so much better than shaving- saves a lot of time in the shower & doesn't leave me with nicks or razor bumps. Highly recommend.

    Andrew (United States)
  • Fantastic for bikini line! I don't get any ingrown hairs or uncomfortable razor burn! Already telling my girlfriends about it.

    Syndi (United States)
  • It’s a great value for one of the best timer I have ever had, its so gentle and delicate with my skin.

    Greg (United States)
  • I was sick and tired of cheap trimmers, that required replaceable batteries, and decided to get this one. Best. Decision. Ever. Such a smooth process with no nicks or tugs. The battery lasts a good amount, in between trims. Your lady bits will thank you.

    Mina (United States)
  • Does exactly what’s intended. I’m an absolute furry beast and this thing is fantastic. And I haven't gotten a single nick.

    Louis (Australia)
  • For customer experience, had the best so far - for some reason the Portuguese mailing company wasn't delivering the product and Meridian sent via express shipping, no extra cost!

    Felipe (Portugal)