Why Do Professional Athletes Shave?

Why Do Professional Athletes Shave?

Learn about the top four reasons why hair removal can help you up your game.

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Why Do Professional Athletes Shave?

If you’re into sports and working out, you probably already know that body hair removal in the world of men’s fitness is common. But unless you’re a competitive athlete, you might wonder, why do athletes shave their legs? Or wax their chest or back? 

The link between sports and body hair removal isn’t all that mysterious, and there are valid reasons why many athletes go hairless. As high maintenance as it may seem, shaving your body hair doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and it can seriously up your game when it comes to sports. While you might already have an idea about why athletes shave, there’s more to it than you might realize. 

Shaving Reduces Drag + Ups Speed

This is the classic reason why many professional athletes shave, and you’ve probably heard this before. Any amount of drag can compromise speed, and that’s not something a competitive athlete can afford. Even if the amount of potential speed lost from sporting hairy legs is nominal, every bit counts. 

Body Prep Is Key To A Winning Mindset

It might surprise you to learn that body hair grooming in sports is about more than just speed. Physical presentation and preparation are pivotal when it comes to getting in the zone. How you show up to compete determines how well you perform. 

While there are many practical reasons why athletes shave to boost performance, mental preparation is huge. For many athletes, body hair removal can offer a powerful preparation ritual for competition because when it comes to getting the results you want, mindset is key. 

Shaving Boosts Safety + Injury Recovery

Pro athletes need every conceivable advantage to succeed. Runners and cyclists typically shave because tight shorts plus body hair can mean painful tugs at the worst moments. 

Rock climbers and contact sport athletes also benefit from body hair removal, which can snag while active and tear the skin. 

Basically, body hair can get in the way during intense activity, and if an injury does happen, hair-free skin is also easier and less painful to treat and bandage. 

Going Hair-Free Boosts Muscle Visibility

Many professional bodybuilders and fitness devotees shave because hair-free skin shows muscle definition better. Even if you’re not in the pro circuit, there’s no shame in showing off your gains at the gym. After all, you work hard and it shows –– so show what you’ve earned while hitting those weights. 

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of body hair grooming, and trimming is quick, comfortable,  and easy with the right tools. Whether you want to shave head to toe or just keep it clean below the belt, Meridian’s Trimmer offers cutting-edge technology that ensures a pain-free grooming experience. From lightly trimmed to total body smoothness, you can customize your hair length with our waterproof body hair groomers

Body hair grooming boosts athletic performance and safety while also dialing up your personal hygiene regimen. Hair-free skin is easier to keep clean, and you can achieve the look you want in just minutes a day. Whether you’re a pro athlete or just looking to enhance your self-care, personal grooming is a powerful way to take better care of yourself.


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